The Program
The Re-Starts Course

Re-Starts give us the best opportunity to execute plays that we have choreographed and rehearsed in training.
The first step is to be alert to your options. Is the opponent unprepared for a re-start taken quickly? Is the goalkeeper organizing the defensive wall leaving the far post unprotected? This is a gift to you.
If your first step is to complain to the referee about encroachment they will stop play and you will have to wait for the whistle.  This is a gift to your opponent!  Don’t rush to give away your opportunity to gain an advantage over the opponent who lacks awareness. Sometimes you will want the 10 yards, but think twice before involving the referee.

Here we will cover bending the ball and other elements of skill execution that can be practiced individually.  Specific plays involving the timing and movement of several players should be addressed as a team during training.  You want only enough complexity as is necessary to deceive the opponent.  The more complex the movement, the more fragile it becomes increasing the probability that you will fail to execute properly.  This is another gift to your opponent.
The simplest thing you can do and still achieve success is the best choice. Exercise discipline in your decision making.

Refine your ball striking techniques so that you can rely on your skill at the moment you need it.

Chapter 1 – Free Kicks
Chapter 2 – Throw-Ins
Chapter 3 – The Penalty Kick
Chapter 4 – Corner Kicks
Chapter 5 – The Goal Kick
Chapter 6 – The Kick Off

Chapter 1: Free Kicks

(Video on Page 8)  Click the top or bottom corner of the page to turn.

Chapter 2: Throw-Ins

(Videos on Pages 7 and 8)

Chapter 3: The Penalty Kick

(Video on Page 6)

Chapter 4: Corner Kicks

This chapter covers some attacking and defensive principles. There is no video included because the possibilities are endless. Any specific plays the team may attempt to employ should be worked out between the coach and players in training.

Chapter 5: The Goal Kick

The skills of receiving, heading, ball winning, passing, the floated chip, and the driven chip are all covered with videos in other areas of this program. There is no video with this chapter.

Chapter 6: The Kick-Off

This chapter contains suggestions for how players could think about the kick-off. There is no video included.
Things to consider: Is the kick-off starting the game? …starting the second half? …after we have scored a goal? …after we have conceded a goal?
Strategies change with the situation so work out a few ideas in training and play as a team.

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