Welcome to the Soccer Skillology Technical Training Program

The Technical Training Program

Here you’ll find all the courses in this skill development system.

The skills and ideas presented here have helped many players to improve the quality of their play and increase their enjoyment of the game.

It is my wish that every player achieves the results that they desire. With that in mind, I have tried to present fun and interesting ways for players to approach the work [ fun work 🙂 ] that they must do to become successful.  If there is a particular skill that you get stuck on please contact me – Mike@SoccerSkillology.com – with a specific question and I will attempt to address it with a post on the blog or a new chapter.  Chances are that other players are having similar difficulties.

I hope you find this program as beneficial as I believe it to be.  Please scroll down this page for instructions on how to complete the courses.

Enjoy your training.

Good luck and great soccer!


How to Complete the Courses
Completing the Soccer Skillology course is fun and simple. Just follow the steps below to improve your soccer skills.

  1. From the course page, start at the slide show for Chapter 1.
  2. Using your mouse, move your cursor to the bottom right of the slide to begin ‘folding’ the slide’s corner back.
  3. As the slide page begins to fold, click and hold the fold to ‘grab’ the slide page.
  4. With your mouse button still pressed, ‘turn’ the slide page by moving your cursor toward the bottom left of the slide.  (Note: Clicking on the corner will also turn the page.)
  5. When the new slide page appears, release the mouse button. (Note: To page backward, grab the bottom left of the slide and drag it toward the bottom right of the slide.)
  6. Read through the introductory slides (turning pages as needed).
  7. After reading and paging through the introductory slides, instruction videos display within the slide.
  8. View the videos. You have reached the end of a chapter when you cannot turn the last page. Note: Videos are set to play in a loop. Before moving on to another chapter, refresh the page or page back to a slide that does not contain a video so that you do not have 2 videos competing for your attention simultaneously.
  9. After viewing the videos, move on to Chapter 2.

It’s that simple!

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