The Program
The Receiving Course

It is necessary to allow for some “give” in the surface that is receiving the ball. This requires some movement with the direction of the incoming ball to absorb some or all of its force at the moment of contact. The impact transfers energy from the ball to you. If the skill is executed properly, that energy will dissipate in a small wave throughout your body. The energy has to go somewhere. If not through your body or the ground, then it stays in the ball and there will be a rebound. This results in a loose ball and possibly a turn over.

Learn to ABSORB or REDIRECT the force of the incoming ball in order to bring it under control.

The two most common mistakes are:
1. Too Tense. Be loose at the moment of impact. Relax and think of what the word “receive” means. Receive the ball with gratitude as if you have received a gift. Do not waste it carelessly and ungratefully. Train hard and let your performance be a gift to your teammates.
2. Don’t Jump. When your feet break contact with the ground you limit your ability to control your body. Body control comes before ball control. Only jump if you must do so to reach the ball. It complicates the skill.

Learn to control your THOUGHTS, then your BODY, then the BALL, and then THE GAME.

Chapter 1 – Receiving with the Inside of the Foot
Chapter 2 – Receiving with the Chest
Chapter 3 – Receiving with the Thigh
Chapter 4 – Receiving from the Air to the Ground
Chapter 5 – The Head Trap

Chapter 1: Receiving with the Inside of the Foot

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Chapter 2: Receiving with the Chest

(Video on Page 7)

Chapter 3: Receiving with the Thigh

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Chapter 4: Receiving from the Air to the Ground

(Video on Page 10)

Chapter 5: The Head Trap

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