The Program
The Basic Goalkeeping Course

The Goalkeeper position is often thought of as the most important on the field. I believe that every young player should try the position and no one should play GK exclusively until at least age 14. If you are going to play GK then you should have some ideas about how to play and how to train (prepare to play). This course is designed for the Beginner to Intermediate level goalkeeper in terms of the skills covered. Some of the ideas about how to play the position and integrate with the defenders can benefit even advanced goalkeepers.

Chapter 1 – Positioning
Chapter 2 – Handling
Chapter 3 – Diving
Chapter 4 – Crosses and High Balls
Chapter 5 – Distribution

Chapter 1: Positioning

The goalkeeper should be making small adjustments to their positioning all the time as the ball moves.
Imagine a cone on the goal line in the exact center of the goal. A good starting point is to always keep your body in a line between that spot and the ball. That is the beginning.
This chapter does not include a video, but study the pictures closely.

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Chapter 2: Handling

(Video on Page 8)

Chapter 3: Diving

(Video on Page 6)

Chapter 4: Crosses and High Balls

(Video on Page 7)

Chapter 5: Distribution

(Video on Page 9)
Goalkeepers require all the technical skills and game intelligence of a field player. For our purposes here we are only dealing with distribution in the case of the goalkeeper with the ball in their hands. The GK also needs to be available for back passes from teammates and to effectively deal with intercepted through balls from the opponent. These passing and defensive skills are covered in other sections of this program.

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