The Program
The Finishing Course

Chapter 1 – Shooting with the Laces
Chapter 2 – The Full Volley
Chapter 3 – The Half Volley
Chapter 4 – The Jumping Scissors
Chapter 5 – The Side Volley
Chapter 6 – Reverse Side Volley
Chapter 7 – The Overhead Scissors
Chapter 8 – The Diving Header
Chapter 9 – Finishing From Crosses
Chapter 10 – Finishing From Breakaways

Chapter 1: Shooting with the Laces

(Video on Page 6)  Click the top or bottom corner of the page to turn.

Chapter 2: The Full Volley

(Video on Page 6)

Chapter 3: The Half-Volley

(Video on Page 6)

Chapter 4: The Jumping Scissors Volley

(Video on Page 5)

Chapter 5: The Side Volley

(Video on Page 10)

Chapter 6: The Reverse Side Volley

(Video on Page 8)

Chapter 7: The Overhead Scissors

(Video on Page 10)

Chapter 8: The Diving Header

(Video on Page 4)

Chapter 9: Finishing From Crosses

(Videos on Pages 8 and 9)
If you flip through the pages quickly, there is a chance that the audio from both videos will overlap each other. Refresh the web page if this happens and flip pages that contain videos more slowly. Waiting 5 seconds should be enough time to allow the video to start and stop so that you can safely turn the page to view the second video without interference from the audio of the first. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Chapter 10: Finishing From Breakaways

(Video on Page 11)

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